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We are the premier provider of Krav Maga self defence training in Edinburgh Krav Maga is the self-defence and fighting system of the Israeli  Security Forces. Over the last 50 years it has spread globally and evolved into  a system that can be easily learned by people just like you as well as  military, security and law enforcement specialists Come on in to learn more about starting Krav Maga training, kettlebell fitness,  kickboxing, MMA and children's martial arts in Edinburgh.

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Scots troops armed with Israeli fight and bite techniques before going to Afghanistan
Scotsman article Krav Maga Edinburgh

I strongly recommend women's self-defence training with Marcus Houston. I have been attacked twice and attending a one-on-one training in self-defence manoeuvres could have been quite stressful and unpleasant. Marcus, however, was very patient, calm, and sensitive to unpleasant memories being stirred up. We started with separate moves and built up to strings of moves and strategies for self-protection, imagining various scenarios. We also revisted my previous attack experiences and I learned new ways of responding even in situations that had felt hopeless. I now feel empowered to take care of myself as much as possible in situations of threat. Essentially, Marcus communicates respect toward women and a genuine desire to equip women to take care of themselves. My hope is that more and more women young and old have the opportunity to learn self-defense skills from Marcus for their own personal security, confidence, and safety, as well as to reduce the number of injuries and worse suffered by women from every walk of life

Dr Eolene Boyd-MacMillan, Counsellor, Social psychologist, Practical Theologian University of Cambridge

During our training blocks we like to have something non-cricket going on which we can use as a conditioning session and which has potential for good transfer into our sport. There’s a lot about boxing that can translate into various cricket skills – balance, reactions, speed, delivery of ‘punch’, being fast and powerful from a stable position, weight transfer and footwork. The moment I met Marcus and saw his facility at Combat Ready, I knew we were onto a winner. Marcus has a great coaching manner and the lads loved every minute of our six-week programme in preparation for the World T20. Marcus and Combat Ready are proof that hard work can still be a lot of fun!

Simon Smith, S&C Coach Cricket Scotland

Jason Isaacs Gets Personal (training)
with Marcus Houston.

Jason Isaacs

With the up and coming movie starring Jason Isaacs, Marcus Houston steps in and provides first class personal training sessions.

This is what Jason Isaacs had to say...

"Marcus really went the extra mile for me, putting together a totally customised proramme that built in not just what I needed for the project I was working on, but fitness training, practical tips and ungodly early morning starts.

A great experience all round and one I'd recommend to anyone looking for confidence and conditioning."

To see more about his new movie check it out here

Grandmaster Kelly Worden Review

Here is what Grandmaster Kelly Worden has to say about
Marcus Houston

"Marcus brings a solid foundation of functional skills to the training floor, he will be a great asset to anyone who is seeking technical skills from a balanced and extremely functional self defense instructor."

For more information on Mr Worden please visit his site

JC Santana Director Institute of Human performance
Reviews the Combat Ready Gym

JC Santana and I are always in search of the world's best facilities and instructors when choosing a venue for our prestigious MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach’s course. So when the people of Scotland asked us to bring the MMA-CSCC to their hometown, the obvious choice for us was Marcus Houston’s Combat Ready in Edinburgh. An awesome training facility that was perfect for our MMA-CSCC, but most importantly the atmosphere embodied the ‘TRUE’ warrior spirit feeling, which is no doubt instilled by Marcus’ passion for the Martial Arts. Combat Ready is not just a venue and Marcus is not just an instructor – this is the place where warriors are made!

Joel Proskewitz - Director of the Strength Company

Alun Cochrane Funny Man reviews personal training with Marcus Houston.

Alun Cochrane

"Excellent private tuition which was tailored to the specific areas of training I'd requested. The classes were hard work but always fun and every single one was varied from the last. Really good teaching. Although I am still unclear as to why we did so many sessions with my shorts off."

Alun Cochrane – Comedian

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MovNat @ Krav Maga Edinburgh


"I loved to instruct at Combat Ready in Edinburgh.  The space was large and rustic, very practical, and conveniently located, let alone a very warm and friendly staff.  Made my event even better!".

Erwan Le Corre founder of MovNat

Read MovNat Edinburgh's Scotsman newspaper Interview here
University of St Andrews
Reviews their personal training

Alun Cochrane

"On the 3rd November 2010 the University of St Andrews hosted a self-defence class as part of the Rape Awareness Week program of events. The aim of the event was to instruct students as to how they could defend themselves specifically in an attempt of sexual assault. The event was very successful. Students learnt many ways of defending themselves, gained confidence and had lots of fun.  The majority of students who attends expressed their desire to attend further self-defence training and felt like they gained vital knowledge.
The event was a great success.
Thank-you Marcus!"

Colleen Roberts the University of Saint Andrews

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