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Fitness Training with Marcus Houston

Private Training from Expert Instructors at Krav Maga Edinburgh

Fitness Training with Marcus Houston

1-2-1 Session

Organise a personal training session with Marcus Houston and get the results you want quickly with one to one training.  You will be the only person training in the gym with no other distractions.  Whether your goals are weight loss, to get fitter, to gain muscle and size or whether you need to reach peak condition for an event, we can coach you to go beyond your expectations. 

If you want results quickly and are tired of regular gym workouts and want to put the spark back in your training then book a session.  Exercises will be tailored to your specific requirements and no two workouts will be the same.  We use cutting edge principles to get you in the best shape of your life.  We provide dietary advice for each individual. 

Marcus has trained actors for film roles, fighters, comedians and hundreds of people who have set themselves goals whether it’s for weight loss or general fitness.

Sessions are fast paced and last 45 minutes. 

Training as a pair or small group is also available with the opportunity for discount.  Get in contact for further information.

1-2-1 Pricing Details


45 minute session - £30

45 minute session x 5 - 130 (save £20)

Two people can train for £40 per session (only £20 each)

22 min Fighters Circuit

When time is a commodity and you want maximum results then why not book in for our revolutionary "Fighters Circuit”.

It is designed to burn fat and tone muscle in the fastest possible way.  It was originally intended to be used when a fighter needs to make the weight before a competition.  It has been adapted and slightly tweaked to make it a challenging and fun workout like nothing else out there.

If you want to lose weight quickly then this is the workout for you.  Book in for 3-4 sessions in a week and see the weight fall off.  Don't concern yourselves with Bootcamps, this is where you will lose the weight fast and keep it off.  

These sessions have been used by fighters, marines, police officers and regular people who want to drop weight fast. I've never had anyone disappointed.  People always say that they can't believe how hard they feel they have worked in such a short time and are always ready for more session.

22 min Fighters Circuit Pricing Details


22 minute session - £15

22 minute session x 5 - £60 (save £15)

Two people can train for £20 per session (thats £10 each)


Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before your training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients who do not cancel with 24 hours notice will be charged for the cancelled session.
Combat Ready Gym understands that emergencies happen. We provide every client with one free short-notice cancellation. You will not be charged for your first cancellation with less than 24 hour notice. Subsequent short-notice cancellations will be charged for the session. The free short-notice cancellation only applies if Combat Ready Gym is notified prior to the session start time. No shows are not eligible for the free cancellation.
If you need to cancel a session, please contact us


Fitness ClassTestimonials


Marcus really went the extra mile for me, putting together a totally customised proramme that built in not just what I needed for the project I was working on, but fitness training, practical tips and ungodly early morning starts. A great experience all round and one I'd recommend to anyone looking for confidence and conditioning.


Jason Isaacs – Actor


Excellent personal training, with a programme customised to help achieve my fitness and health goals. Every training session is varied and hard work, but Marcus is a good motivational instructor and always adds an element of fun to each session. Marcus's clear and concise instruction on how to exercise with kettle bells means I can work out with confidence between personal training.


Sarah Gilmour


The 22 min fighting circuit with Marcus was the perfect training tool: expertly tailored to my requirements and adapted to the time I had available. After 3 sessions the change in stamina and strength was notable. A huge thank you to Marcus for providing constant encouragement and motivation. Everyone should try this – its different from your “run of the mill” circuit training and highly effective


Jamie Moodie


I discovered Combat Ready from searching the internet for kickboxing classes in Edinburgh.  I was hopeful to find a workout regimen that was high impact and high intensity, and at the same time suited to my personality.

For my first Mixed Kickboxing class, I immediately found myself running, pulling, lifting, pounding, and smiling the whole time.  After the strength and fitness part, we moved onto the kickboxing side of things and the instructor, Marcus Houston, was able to give me individual attention as a beginner.  Marcus showed me how to do the various punches, as well as how to hold the focus pads properly when working with a partner.  I enjoyed his class so much that I wanted to speak with him privately for more information.   

From our conversation, I had decided to try personal training sessions with Marcus because I really appreciated the one-to-one attention, the strength and fitness activities, and his ability to tailor a program to my needs.  Over time at Combat Ready, I have gone from one session, to two, and now at three personal training sessions a week.  Every session is different from the last, and activities are explosive and varied.  

As a Strength and Fitness Coach, Marcus pushes you towards challenging yet attainable goals.  The best part is you see and feel results instantly.  To sum up, Combat Ready welcomes people from all walks of life to come with purpose and train hard in an ideal exercise setting.  I especially recommend their training methods for anyone looking to improve both areas of mental and physical strength

Caroline Geisler
From Toronto, Canada



I had the privilege of receiving personal training from Marcus in preparation for a demanding role in a play about the army.

His no-nonsense approach, insightful knowledge and attention, were invaluable factors in helping me reach the appropriate level of fitness.

His passion, dedication and expertise are second to none. His commitment is infectious and quickly established positive results.A true leader in his field. 

I cannot recommend Marcus highly enough.


Keith Fleming - Actor


I'm a mother of two toddlers and came to Marcus to get fit and lose weight. The intense 22 minute work outs are not only excellent for dropping weight & getting fit but also work with my busy schedule. Marcus is flexible, motivating and non judgemental. He keeps the work outs interesting, challenging and fun. The gym has a great atmosphere and I love the gritty work ethic."  


Suzanne Taylor


Working with a trainer is a partnership. They are supposed to provide the expertise and motivation and you supply the effort and the sweat. Sadly, the majority fall short. Marcus, however, does not. I have been working with him a few times a week for the last 2 months or so and have had great results. I have lost weight and gained strength and energy. I am able to do things quite easily now that were a struggle when I started. No two days are ever the same and the range of exercises Marcus has up his sleeve always keep things interesting and challenging.  My workouts are an integral part of my week now and I wouldn't be without them.


Elizabeth Hare


I met Marcus at a woman's project where we both volunteered our services for a day. I was very impressed with the self defence techniques he taught and when finding out he also did personal training, I decided to give that a go. I have now been having weekly personal training sessions since April 2012. I have increased my fitness, slimmed down, toned up and feel great! I have always lacked motivation for gyms and find them boring which is why personal training has worked for me. Marcus is very knowledgeable and makes me feel at ease. He is a great motivator with a no-nonsense approach to training and, most importantly for me, he also makes training so much fun! Not only have I seen the best results ever from doing exercise, I've also had great fun doing it and actually look forward to training days!



Emma Stout


Really enjoying my training sessions with Marcus, he offers lots of motivation while pushing me to my full potential. As well as training programmes Marcus gives good dietary advice to help me achieve my goals.


Natalie McInnes


I started personal training sessions with Marcus to get into shape and feel more confident after unsuccessful attempts to get to the gym or get running on my own.
Marcus has a great deal of empathy and patience and has made the kind of exertion I previously found repellent a lot of fun and something to look forward to. His expertise and straight-forward instruction have made my goals more attainable and have made me more motivated and focused.
After just three sessions I've noticed a big improvement in both my mental and physical shape. Despite how much I gasp and grumble through training, I always come away feeling better than I did an hour ago.
Marcus devises varied, individual workouts and I would highly recommend his personal training to anyone looking for something more interesting and rewarding than the same old gym routine.


Rose Watt



Having already attended Combat Ready classes before, I knew Marcus was the person to go to for fitness advice on getting back into shape following a knee/ITB injury. The outcome was a customised programme which focused on my objectives (regaining previous cardio/stamina levels and increasing muscle strength, particularly in the upper body) 

Although the programme did not involve regular personal training from Marcus, each component of the schedule was specific and I had no problems in following the reps.

Conclusion: Big thanks for giving me the structure I needed for the gym visits!


Anne C



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