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Krav Maga Edinburgh’s kickboxing classes are designed to develop speed, flexibility, power and co-ordination

Kickboxing Kicking Pads

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art combining western-style boxing with kicks, knee and elbow strikes. It's an excellent class for developing your overall fitness, conditioning, speed, flexibility, power and co-ordination. It's a fun way to  get fit with the added bonus of being able to the material taught in self defence situations. You can burn a huge amount of calories while striking the pads and working through various fun partner drills. It’s very easy to pick up the basics and from there we will start to develop combinations of strikes on the pads and punch bags. We will look at footwork and evasion in an easy to learn and fun way.  We cover elements of various kickboxing style from across the globe to make us complete as possible.  Western boxing skills, elbow and knees strikes from Thailand, low line kicking from the philippines to name a few. 

Who is Kickboxing for?

This class is suitable for anyone aged 16 years or over. You don’t need to be an athlete to get started, nor do you need to perform high kicks. We can work all our kicks on low targets from the waist down. The material will be tailored for each individual in the class. Whether you want to sharpen up your technical skills or lose weight, this class is for you.

What will I learn with Kickboxing?

In the class you will learn how to operate at long range (kicking), medium range (punching) and close range (knees and elbows). We work on the punch bag and pads to develop our speed and timing. We also work the heavy bags to develop power. The class combines solo drills such as working on the punch bags or working partner drills on the focus pads. This is an upbeat, fun class and is designed to provide an excellent workout while developing practical skills. The ethos of the gym is reality based martial arts so everything we teach has to be able to be applicable in real life.  The kickboxing syllabus is designed to be used in self defence situations as well as a great method of getting in shape.  

Kickboxing Equipment?

You can start training at any point in time and there is no need to book in advance.  Simply come along to any class that suits you.  You need to complete a health questionnaire on the evening prior to training which only takes a few minutes.  Wear lose comfortable clothing to train in similar to what you would wear to a gym.  There are some spare boxing gloves which you can use on the first few sessions however, you will need to purchase your own gloves which can be purchased from the gym.

Can I grade in the

Kickboxing Syllabus

Gradings are entirely optional however, many people who train regularly like to have their progress measured.  There is a set syllabus and the more you train the more material you will learn.  Gradings are held roughly four times per year and are an opportunity for people to have their skills recognised under test conditions.  Simply, you come in and are asked to train through the various combinations and techniques that you train in class.  Afterwards you are awarded a certificate based on your level.  Gradings dates are published in the Krav Maga Edinburgh online calendar. 

Kickboxing Class Testimonials


I have never really been a fan of the gym, the most exercise I was used to was walking around the shops on a Saturday.  I had just moved to the area and had wanted to try something new.  Having never done any combat sport or fitness before I decided to give the women’s kickboxing a go.

The class itself is split into fitness, conditioning and technique.  So not only are you getting a first rate workout you are learning skills that will be of benefit to you in your everyday life.  The Combat Ready Gym focus on reality based situations, so everything you are taught is something that can be adapted to real life scenarios.

Marcus and Mike (the instructors) really know their stuff and have an excellent ability of being able to break things down to a speed and level that suits everyone in the class.  They are friendly and approachable and want to help you get the most out of your time in the gym.

It didn’t take me long to make friends with the other members of the class as everyone is extremely friendly and all remember what it was on their first night.  So if you don’t have a partner to come along with, don’t let that stop you, they don’t bite!

I would also recommend the mixed Kickboxing class.  If you are normally put off mixed classes by the thought of big guys showing off then don‘t worry, this isn’t an issue at Combat Ready.  There are no egos, people don’t come here to show off, they come to work hard and get results.

Six months down the line I have gone from one class a week to four.  You will find yourself wanting to try the different classes on offer and I would certainly recommend it for a varied workout that delivers results.


Rana Durham

Kickboxing - Elbow Strikes with Pads

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